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About Us

What's The Story


What’s the Story

Our Recipe

Bizjelly is a blend of creative and technical, with a pinch of sweetener!

Made of our crystallized experience and knowledge from a variety of fields including marketing, web development, graphics design and small business operations.

We’re based in Victoria, BC and have an extended family of partners across North America.


Kal Erikson


A pragmatic attitude, combined with a taste for lifelong learning, is all part of Kal’s campaign making up for years of slack in his school years.

With experience in web development, graphics design, television production and front-line small business operations, he’s produced a passion for business, technology and leveraging creativity to solve problems.

Likes breathing, amazing things, sleep and all the other good stuff!


Social Media Marketing


Accolades in magazine publishing, interior design and founding a successful shopping fair. Full bio coming soon.

Nutritional Information

Bizjelly Facts

Serving Size 1

Amount Per Serving
Energy: A lot Energy from Focus: 100%
% Daily Value*
Total Marketing 50% 100%
Inbound Marketing +%
Analytics +%
Content Marketing+%
Email Marketing+%
Social Media Marketing+%
Total Web Design 50% 100%
WordPress +%
Custom Themes +%
UI/UX +%
Responsive Layouts +%
Speed Optimization +%
Selected Plugins +%
Consulting 33.3% Troubleshooting 33.3%
Training 33.3% Coaching 33.3%

* Percent Daily Values are based on the stereotypical needs of any user, business or organization. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

Do all these numbers actually add up somehow? Not exactly, but it's clever ain't it?