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Our Services

What We Do




Cultivating your business identity

One way or another, your business is perceived by the outside world. We help you persuade that perception.

Branding Consulting Services

  • Brand research and positioning
  • Competitor and audience analysis
  • Developing visual identity: logo design, color schemes and other assets
  • Domains and trademarks registration

Web Design

Sculpting your 24/7 frontage to the world

Portray your story, credibility and authenticity on your own terms, building trust and guiding your audience to action. Do it all with an attractive, functional website experience tailored to your venture.

Websites by Bizjelly

  • Responsive and optimized designs
  • Technology matched to your needs
  • Effective messaging and actions
  • A focus on security and performance

Our main speciality: WordPress

  • We’re experienced with WordPress, the most widely used website platform in the world
  • Custom theme development
  • Plugin and script customizations
  • Custom content types and forms
  • Optimization and troubleshooting

We also work with…


Be discoverable and valued

Your awesome product or service may never flourish if no one actually knows or values it. Leverage marketing to increase exposure, cultivate relationships, build trust and guide your audience to a happy place!

We use strategies and tactics often described as “inbound marketing”, which are nicely suited to small organizations with limited resources.

Marketing Services
  • Setting up data analytics
  • Search engine marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Automation and CRM’s